Polarization Maintaining (PM)

Connectors with polarization maintaining (PM) fibers have been manufactured
for a very long time to cover several markets and their applications
such as: measurement instrumentation, sensors, communication
systems and medical devices.
Diamond offers a wide range of connectors for polarization maintaining (PM)
fiber, and termination services designed to meet the most challenging optical
performance requirements. Utilizing our Active Core Alignment process, we
are able to independently optimize both insertion loss (IL) and extinction ratio
(ER), eliminating the need to compromise one performance feature over another.
Diamond provides high performance PM terminations directly to both passive
and active optical devices, as well as for pigtails and patch cord assemblies.


  • High extinction ratio
  • Low insertion loss
  • High return loss
  • Excellent IL repeatability
  • E-2000™, SC, FC, LSA (DIN), and DMI connector styles (other connector styles available on request)
  • E-2000™ available as PM Standard, IP65 or IP65/EtO sterilizable version