The Diamond X-BEAM is a genderless tactical fiber optic connector which uses lens based expanded beam technology for ease of cleaning and mating in outdoor applications. The X-BEAM connector is an ideal choice for use within harsh environments such as field-deployable communications, mobile diagnostic units, avionics, security systems and much more. The Diamond X-BEAM 4 channels connector is terminated with Diamond’s homologated MM and SM cable (Customer cable assemblies available upon request).



  • Rugged construction for high reliable optical connections
  • IP 68 rated enclosure, IEC 60529 compliant
  • Intermateable with connectors compliant with MIL-DTL83526/20/21
  • High tolerance connector housings

    Easily mated, repeatable, low loss connections

  • Integrated expanded beam lens system

    Protects the fiber endface and improves optical performance in harsh environment applications

  • Keyed, self aligning, connector housing

    Aides in “blind mating” applications