E-2000™ RHA

The E-2000™ RHA connector system provides up to 4 easily mated, high bandwidth fiber optic terminations packaged in a robust, water and shock resistant housing. Typical uses include industrial applications such as field bus systems, machine controls, and LAN installations requiring high data rate or bandwidth transmission in a harsh environment. The E-2000™ RHA connector can be terminated on most types of HCS, MM, and SM fiber. The connectors are available in both PC and APC finishes providing both low insertion and high return loss.

The E-2000™ RHA female panel adapter includes 1 or 2 E-2000™ Backplane Adapters (2 channels) PC or APC version, which combines the advantages of the E-2000™ system and an optimale guiding mechanism for secure backplane connection.



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