Military / Harsh Environment

Military and Harsh Environment applications require strong, reliable, practical and user-friendly interconnect solutions. Diamond has responded to this growing demand in requirements, by developing a wide range of customized solutions. Whether the application requires a single fiber, or a multi-channel harsh environment interconnect solution, Diamond products will perform in the most formidable of conditions (temperature, shock, vibration, tensile stress, external pressure, corrosive surrounds, etc.).

The worldwide market for harsh environment fiber optics (HEFOs), as well as rugged Military conditions, are experiencing steady growth, due to the rapid advancement in fiber-optic technology. Diamond continues to develop cutting edge flexible designs, modular and durable in nature, for indoor/outdoor field optical environments. Diamond has developed, manufactured and delivered solutions utilized in the most challenging of conditions, such as shipboard applications, arrays, energy plants, coal mines, offshore oil platforms, cement factories, refineries, field-deployable communication networks, mobile diagnostic units, security systems, machine controls, industrial networks and associated accessories. Diamond products are well-known for superior reliability and optical performance.