The development of many fiber optic sensing technologies, for energy exploration and production, require fiber optic termination that are subject to adverse temperatures, shocks, vibrations, tensile stress, external pressure, corrosive surroundings, etc. These environmental conditions are beyond those typically endured by standard commercial fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies.

Diamond has responded to this growing demand by developing a wide range of strong, reliable, customizable indoor/outdoor optical connectors and accessories with superior optical performances.

These products are designed for applications found at energy plants, coal mines, offshore oil platforms, terrestrial oil and natural gas wells, and refineries. Diamond has the expertise gained from many years of working with both outside cable and a variety of other indoor and outside armored cables. Any of our custom assemblies can be shipped on tactical reels, and can additionally include customer specified feed throughs, glands, breakouts, fanouts or many other configurations.